This Restaurant in The Netherlands Is Using Robot Waiters From Now On

The world is trying to get back up and running again after the lockdown period, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the restaurant industry is doing just that. With restrictions still in place in regards to the number of people allowed in restaurants and social distancing still as important as ever, these establishments have had to come up with different ideas to keep things safe for staff and customers. So, this restaurant has enlisted the help of robot waiters to keep their business going, and to keep their customers’ bellies full.

Going Back To Normal

Although many of us would like to think that the world can simply go back to normal after dealing with the peak of a worldwide pandemic, that just isn’t the case. Although restaurants in Renesse in the Netherlands are allowed to open back up again, there are certain rules in place. They are only allowed to serve a certain number of customers at a time, and they need to ensure that staff and customers are keeping their distance. This posed a problem for the Royal Palace Restaurant, who didn’t know how they could continue as normal.

Cleaning The Restaurant

The owners of the restaurant knew that they wanted to bring their staff back and welcome customers back into their establishment, but they also knew that they needed to make some changes. They wanted their staff to be cleaning the restaurant at all times, but how would they serve the customers? In the end, they decided to hire some robot waiters. These robots welcome customers as they make their way through the door, and they even serve food and remove the dirty dishes from the tables. Not only does this allow the customers and staff to maintain social distancing, but it also allows the staff to keep the restaurant as clean as can be!

Could robots be the servers of the future?