Restaurant Resolutions We Should All Make in 2024

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Dining out may be a nice break from the cooking and cleanup that’s involved with eating at home, but that doesn’t mean we can completely let ourselves go. We’ve all had that experience of being in a restaurant, seeing someone’s behavior, and asking ourselves why they thought that was appropriate. Well, here’s a perfect guide to ensure we’re never that person.

Tip According to the Original Bill

While it’s great to get any form of a discount on a meal, that doesn’t mean the tip should be discounted as well. Your server worked just as hard – even if your total is discounted. So, make sure to tip according to the original bill, rather than the reduced price.

Move the Phone

We think it’s safe to say that cell phones have been around long enough that no one can claim they don’t know phone etiquette. Yet, the amount of people who order their food with their phones in their hands is astronomical. Just as it’s rude to be on your phone while talking to a friend, it’s rude to do that to your server. While we’re talking about phones, make sure to pick yours up from the table when your server brings the food – especially if the dish is hot. You can find space for your phone after the food is placed on the table, as opposed to your server trying to work around your phone to put the food down.

Know When You’re Ready to Order

Restaurants are extremely busy places – even during the quieter hours. While you may not see a lot of other tables, we guarantee that your server has tons of other things to do in the back, so it’s important to be considerate of their time. Don’t be afraid to ask your server to come back later if you’re not ready to order yet. The same goes for if what you wanted to order is unavailable. Ask for another minute to look through the menu rather than have your server wait while you make another choice.

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With these tips in mind, your server will be able to give you a positive restaurant experience – and they’ll actually want to.