Employee Reveals The Secrets Of Costco Food Court

Anonymous Costco employees have recently taken to the internet to reveal some juicy secrets about everyone’s favorite bargain food court.

Most popular item

A Costco employee revealed that the hot dog is the most popular item on the menu. “There’s something about a buck fifty that people really love,” said the employee.


Why chocolate-dipped ice cream bars were discontinued

“I think it might have been too expensive for the amount we give. That’s what happened with gelato anyway,” said the employee.


It’s okay to ask for fresh churros

“I learn to check when we’re running low on churros and wait for a new pan to come out,” said the Costco employee, “I recommend checking on them right before you shop and seeing the changes when you come back. My favorite is when they run out of churros and you wait for five minutes or so, then when they pull them off the pan, it is a hundred percent brand new.”


Costco’s new berry smoothie

“Corporate thought the benefits outweighed the negatives in this situation. The new smoothie has a lot of better benefits in it — less sugar, less calories, nothing but real fruit and fruit juice, and four servings of fruit in each smoothie,” explained the employee.


They use A LOT of oil on the pizza

“When you don’t use the corporate requested amount because you think it’s too much and corporate notices? You use more oil to avoid being in trouble. Some managers overcompensate and use a quarter cup of oil+ when making them,” said a Costco employee.


What the pizza is made of

“I don’t know what’s in the sauce, it came to us prepared, as did the cheese mix . . . I know it was like 85 percent mozzarella and 15 percent provolone when I worked there,” said a Reddit user who claimed to have worked in the Costco food court.