5 Things Your Server Definitely Doesn’t Want to Hear About

Your Server Has Ears Sharper Than a Fox on the Hunt!

Have you ever wondered how much your server can actually hear during your dining experience? Turns out, they have superhuman hearing skills that can pick up even the faintest whispers. We often end up talking about anything and everything at a restaurant without a care in the world, but sometimes we need to be careful as to what we say so we don’t end up offending our servers. By avoiding topics that can irk or discomfort servers, you’re contributing to a positive atmosphere for everyone. Let’s look at the five things your server definitely doesn’t want to hear about, shall we?

Dissin’ the Tip Game

Dissin’ the Tip Game

Now, we all know that tipping can be a hot topic, but airing your disdain for it while your server is within earshot is a surefire way to kill the mood. Tipping is an integral part of the dining experience and a way to appreciate the hard work and dedication of your server. So, instead of grumbling under your breath or trying to convince everyone around you that it’s an optional practice, embrace tipping culture and show your server some love. Show some empathy, respect, and appreciation for their hard work.


Look, we all have our fair share of health issues, but a restaurant isn’t the place to give your server the scoop on your recent surgery or that stubborn rash you’ve been nursing. They’re here to serve you a delightful meal, not offer medical advice. So, if you’re itching to talk about your ailments, keep it down a few decibels when your server is delivering that delicious plate of pasta.

Politics Over Dinner? Think Twice!

Politics Over Dinner? Think Twice!

Hey, we’re all entitled to our political opinions, but airing them at the dinner table can be a recipe for disaster. Servers are human beings, too, with their own thoughts and emotions. When they hear your political rants, it might affect their perception of you, and that could mean delayed french fries or a slightly colder dish. So, if you want to keep the harmony intact, consider keeping those political debates for another time and place.

Not Your Personal Soap Opera

Sure, restaurants aim to make you feel at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation for full-blown family dramas. Remember, you’re sharing the space with other diners who are looking for a peaceful meal. So, spare your server the emotional rollercoaster and keep your family drama on the down low. Trust us; everyone will appreciate it, including your server.

Appearance Disses? Not Cool!

Appearance Disses? Not Cool!

Let’s get one thing straight – judging someone based on their appearance is never cool, especially when it comes to your server. Whether they sport tattoos, piercings, or a unique hairstyle, it has zero impact on their ability to deliver excellent service. So, resist the urge to make snide comments about their appearance. Instead, focus on the important stuff, like enjoying your meal and being a considerate diner. Commenting on anyone’s appearance is not something somebody should indulge in anyway, unless they’re at a fashion show!

The Best Breakfast Habits To Help Kickstart The Day

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while that was proven to be a marketing ploy, there is some truth in it. If you find yourself slowing down by mid-morning, check out these best breakfast habits to help kickstart the day.

Fiber Is Your Friend

Adding fiber to your diet has been proven to help people lose weight, and breakfast is the easiest meal to fit it in. Foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fruits are rich in fiber and can be combined with oats to give you a nutritious start.

A Well-rounded Breakfast

If you want your breakfast to help you feel full throughout the day, the best approach is a well-rounded meal. Adding foods with plenty of good carbohydrates, healthy fat, and protein will give your body a gradual boost all the way until lunchtime. An example of a well-rounded breakfast would be some scrambled eggs with cheese and a side of whole-grain bread.

Add At Least One Fruit Or Vegetable

Many of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables during the day, and breakfast is also a time when you can get off to a good start. Adding some berries or bananas to your oatmeal is an easy way to put fruit in your diet. If fruit isn’t your thing, you can always add a vegetable to your scrambled egg to give you that boost.

Save ‘Fun’ Breakfasts For Weekends

To save your breakfast becoming dull, it’s a good idea to save ‘fun’ morning meals for the weekends. If you just have to have some waffles or muffins, the weekend is the best time for it when you won’t be relying on your breakfast getting you through the day so much.

Many of us try to improve our eating habits, but we often neglect breakfast. These breakfast habits can help you start your day the right way.